Your clothing expert for the tropics - Dressing you better

Company Profile

Established in 1982 CUELDEE Clothing Manufacturers
grew into a company that specialises in clothing for the tropics and dressing you better.

Cueldee Clothing has been operating in Townsville for over 30 years. In that time, we have perfected our art in screen printing and embroidery giving our clients to best product available.  Being a local manufacturer we can custom make uniforms in the colours and images needed.
Come and visit us for personalised attention. Your clothing expert for the tropics - Dressing you better!

Cueldee is proud to be Australian made, and custom makes in UPF 50 + fabrics, treated for rapid sweat evaporation for a cooler feel and quick drying. We have the latest in sublimation printing technology. The fabric is fashioned into many different styles, the factory produces the clothing in custom batches so that we can offer a unique deign in wholesale quantities.

*Prices will vary depending on quantity. View Quote for more information.

Cueldee garments can be mail ordered, if you know the design you want. We are suppliers of fashion Biz, Johnny Bobbin, Grace Collection, Be Seen, Ramo, Hard Yakka, Legend Life and others. Rugby Jerseys are the other renowned Australian commodity that Cueldee proudly produces. This can be done in quantities of 20 (one team) in a custom style as displayed on our samples page.

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Marco Parigi